First time visitors

We love new visitors! We hope that you'll love it here, and we'll do all we can to make your visit comfortable and memorable.

Lake Bronson strives to be a family-friendly, safe, and relaxing place for all our members and visitors. To keep everyone safe, we require all visitors to show official government ID and to submit to a background check. In addition, all members and guests must all agree to follow our rules, and all posted notices in the park. Sounds arduous, but it's what makes Lake Bronson such an amazing place.

The basics

  1. Call ahead (360-547-3190) to get details, driving directions, and the current gate code
  2. Arrive during office hours 
  3. Complete the visitor application form and agree to the Lake Bronson Family Nudist Club Rules
  4. Show government ID for background check


Office hours from Memorial Day to Labor Day
Friday 5-8, Saturday 10-4, and Sunday 10-2
or by appointment


More information

  • You must call before your first visit (360-547-3190). We will give you instructions for the gate, and we'll make sure someone is staffing the office so you're not stuck waiting. 
  • Arrive when the office is open. Registration forms must be completed and signed at the office upon entering the grounds, so first-time visitors need to arrive when the office is open.
  • ALL visitors must provide government-issued photo ID. If valid ID is not provided, entrance to Lake Bronson Club Family Nudist Park will not be permitted.
  • Visit between May and October to experience Lake Bronson at its best! We are a year-round club, and we have plenty to keep you busy year round, but you'll need to make arrangements for your visit because our office won't be open.
  • AANR member? When you call or email us, please share your American Association of Nude Recreation (AANR) membership number and club affiliation if you have one. If you are not an AANR member or a member of an affiliated club, you are still welcome. Give us a call, so that an office staff person can talk to you regarding your interest in the club.
  • Learn it. Know it. Live it. Please review Lake Bronson Family Nudist Club Rules before visiting. Visitors will be required to initial and sign these rules upon check-in.
  • Background checks keep everyone safer. We want to maintain a safe, secluded, family-oriented environment for enjoying nude recreation in a beautiful rustic setting. In order to preserve our safety and protect our members, Lake Bronson Family Nudist Club conducts a criminal background check and a sexual offender identification check on all visitors. We will do the check while you are filling out other paperwork.
  • Lake Bronson is a private campground. We reserve the right to refuse admittance.

Please give us a call (360-547-3190) if you have any questions, or email us at