Enjoy the Freedom of Being Nude in Paradise

Visit the Northwest’s largest year-round, clothing-free recreational park and campground.  Lake Bronson Club Family Nudist Park is just one hour from Seattle, but feels worlds away from city life.  Located in a 320 acre Stewardship Forest, the recreational park offers a seven-acre spring fed lake with sunning lawn, an 85-foot waterfall cascading into the Sultan River, and miles of hiking trails. Enjoy the rustic lodge, hot tub, or sauna.

Lake Bronson is a family-oriented nudist club catering specifically to those who love nature and the great outdoors...

Hot Springs: The Gateway Drug

Folks who are interested in nudism, but perhaps are not ready to commit to visiting a "Nudist Club" should consider visiting one of the area's several hot springs. Hot springing is an excellent introduction to social nudity. Most (non-commercialized) hot springs have a "clothing optional" policy -- or, as Evie Litton writes in Hiking Hot Springs in the Pacific Northwest you can "wear what you normally bathe in."

New to Nudism? So was I.

As a fairly social person, I enjoy meeting new people and it's always interesting hearing how someone came to be at a place like Lake Bronson. The stories run the gamut, from "I grew up at places like this," to "My [partner/spouse] convinced me to come," to "I was just looking for a nice lake to camp at and found that the nicest one was clothing-free."

Polar Bare Dip 2014

As per tradition, New Year's Day is when we test to see who would survive the apocalypse. Who will rebuild civilization and who will be just another pile of half-digested zombie scat along the trail. Who deserves the honor of a beard, and who does not. Who can really call him/herself a Northwesterner...

It is time to jump in the lake.

An apple a day...

Saturday, September 7th marked the First Annual Lake Bronson Cider Pressing. Many participants, two presses and a power grinder made short work of turning several hundred pounds of apples into 20 gallons of cider. However, it became clear that 20 gallons of cider was not nearly enough to get the number of participants though the winter...


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