Stewardship Forest

In 2009 Lake Bronson Shareholders appointed a committee to manage the resources of the 328-acres owned by Lake Bronson Associates and the Lake Bronson Board of Directors formed the Forest Stewardship Committee to create a forest management plan.  This plan was completed with the guidance and assistance of the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and Washington State University King and Snohomish County Extension Offices.  Founding members of the committee attended the spring 2008 Forest Stewardship class, while the newest members completed the spring 2011 class.

This forest management plan provides the Board of Directors a reference tool to help guide short and long term land use decisions.  The primary objective of this plan is to promote the overall health and proper care of the forest, which will in turn maximize future recreational use and wildlife habitat.  While viewed as the master land-use strategy, the plan will be updated periodically with changes reflecting the most up-to-date Forest Stewardship information, as well as the most recent objectives of the Board of Directors.

In brief, the Forestry Plan divides Lake Bronson’s forested land into "stands.” For each stand the committee identified types of trees, understory, soil, and wildlife, etc.  The committee determined when each stand had last been logged and made a timeline for forest management that includes when to thin for optimum forest health.  The committee also began identifying problem or “danger” trees which can be cut for firewood.  Noxious and invasive species have been identified and are being eradicated (i.e. English Ivy).  Inspection tours are done at regular intervals to monitor any potential problems (i.e. insect infestations, etc.) and our beautiful, pristine lake is included in the plan.  Efforts to keep chemical use to a minimum are ongoing.

It is Lake Bronson’s commitment, whenever possible, to allow our forest to continue to grow into "old growth” status and never log the 80 acre stand that contains the Lake Bronson campground.  This stand is known as the “Sultan River Greenway Lobe.”  It is also known as the “Crow Stand” after Lake Bronson’s founding father Stanley Crow.  Ultimately, it is believed that this stand will become the national forest of the “Nude World.” With more and more new nature and hiking trails being added regularly – we are well on our way.