Enjoy the Freedom of Being Nude in Paradise

Visit the Northwest’s largest year-round, clothing-free recreational park and campground.  Lake Bronson Club Family Nudist Park is just one hour from Seattle, but feels worlds away from city life.  Located in a 320 acre Stewardship Forest, the recreational park offers a seven-acre spring fed lake with sunning lawn, an 85-foot waterfall cascading into the Sultan River, and miles of hiking trails. Enjoy the rustic lodge, hot tub, or sauna.

Lake Bronson is a family-oriented nudist club catering specifically to those who love nature and the great outdoors...


Campground at a little-known lake in rural Washington? Check. Skinnydipping off the dock after dark? Check. Derelict sawmill out past the old millwright's shop? Check. All we need now is a group of naive coeds...

Sure, you can go to the standard Cap Hill "spooky" Halloween party ("ooh, a hooker -- clever!"). Or, you can try something completely different...

B.A.R.E.*I.T. Arts Festival

In solidarity with the somewhat larger Burning Man festival, which occurred concurrently in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, we decided to start out this year’s B.A.R.E.*I.T. Arts Festival with a bit of rain. This was OK, given the fact that Western Washington has been under a burn ban for much of the summer, and by general consensus, culminating the event by simply turning off the lights and going home would have been decidedly anticlimactic.

Yoga on the Dock

You may have heard that there are Yoga sessions every Sunday morning at 0930 on the dock. I would like to invite you to come out and discover “Yoga” for yourself.

Yoga brings the mind and body together in a system of techniques and exercises that aid in enriching your everyday living activities.

New Rental Cabins

There is a magical quality to sleeping out under the stars, listening to the owls and the wind. Here in the Pacific Northwest, that magical quality is often diminished by a thick layer of clouds, which blot out the stars and discharge copious amounts of cold rain.


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