Enjoy the Freedom of Being Nude in Paradise

Visit the Northwest’s largest year-round, clothing-free recreational park and campground.  Lake Bronson Club Family Nudist Park is just one hour from Seattle, but feels worlds away from city life.  Located in a 320 acre Stewardship Forest, the recreational park offers a seven-acre spring fed lake with sunning lawn, an 85-foot waterfall cascading into the Sultan River, and miles of hiking trails. Enjoy the rustic lodge, hot tub, or sauna.

Lake Bronson is a family-oriented nudist club catering specifically to those who love nature and the great outdoors...

B.A.R.E.I.T. ‘15

It is that time of year again. Do you load the kids into the Subaru and drive 700 miles to Gerlach, Nevada to spend nine days getting sandblasted in the desert at Burning Man? Or do you drive 45 minutes out to Sultan, WA to Lake Bronson’s annual B.A.R.E.I.T. Arts Festival?

Squaw Mountain Music Fest

Why would you want to leave a nudist’s paradise?
Especially in the summer?

To go to another nudist paradise and listen to great music, that’s why. One of our sister clubs to the south, Squaw Mountain Ranch (SMR) in Estacada, Oregon, has been hosting a Music Festival in August for 21 years. Groups of Lake Bronson members have been attending this event off and on for years, but over the last three years we have perfected the invasion to a 4-day extravaganza of food, music, dancing and fun.

Skinny Dip 2015

Ah, Seattle... Months of unseasonably warm weather, a record-tying stretch of 80+ days, and what's this? A promotional skinny dip at the lake to which the public is invited? Cloudy with highs in the upper sixties. Even a sprinkling of rain to ice the cake.
On the other hand, this IS the Northwest, and Seattleites are unlikely to get spooked by a little precipitation. At 12 noon we recorded 132 folks in the water -- not quite the club record, but a respectable showing, given. Lots of new faces, many of whom stayed for the evening potluck and dance.

Water too warm? Try our waterfall!

The unusually warm weather has resulted in our lake falling more into the “tepid bathwater” category than the “Little Bering Sea” we so know and love. If you are the sort who disdains leisurely floating about, whiling away a calm summer’s day, we do have a waterfall! Not only is the hike nearly a quarter mile of treacherous switchbacks straight down to the Sultan River, the water that awaits is rarely above 50°.


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