Activities and events

Lake Bronson is a family-oriented, social nudist club.  We have a very active and creative Social Committee who works hard to create fun and engaging events throughout the year.  

Themed potlucks happen every Saturday in the summer, and themed dances take place monthly throughout the year.

If you have any questions or need more information about any our events, please contact

Adopt-a-Highway Cleanup

Show off your civic pride and dedication to our local environment by participating in the clean-up. Meet at the Lodge at 9:30 AM to view a safety video, and pick up your fashionable orange safety vest and hat. Be sure to bring work gloves.

Colorful Foods Potluck Theme

6:30 PM. To go along with our very colorful Black Light Glow Dance Theme, bring your most colorful food favorite to share at the Potluck. 

Black Light Glow Dance

8:30 PM. No need to "dress up" for this dance. There will be plenty of paints and brushes for you to decorate your "canvas". Our awesome hosts will prep the paint station and DJ Gregg will spin the tunes that will keep us on the dance floor.

12 Step recovery meeting

A general meeting for those working in recovery in any 12 step program (AA, OA, NA, GA, Al-Anon and any other program following a 12 step recovery program.) If you have approved literature, please feel free to bring it with you. 9:30 AM at the Cafe' building or lower lodge. Check both locations.

We're currently migrating our calendar of events over from our old site. Until then: