Hike and explore

Do you love the idea of hiking nude through lush, deep green, moss-covered trails in tall spruce and cedar forests? How about mushroom hunting in the varied low woods? Maybe strolling through forests that haven’t been touched by loggers since the first cutting more than 80 years ago, where you can sit among the tall second growth, and marvel at the historical cedar stumps from a past era? Do you want to rest on an old bridge with a rushing river flowing under you in the springtime, listening to its music?

No? Then this will get you going! How about a trip down a switchback trail to our 85-foot waterfall, where you can swim in the pools that are scattered along the remaining 200 yards of cascading waters? Stony Beach is private and secluded, at the junction of the Sultan river, where we own all the property, including eight acres of the bluff on the opposite side of the river. This gives you that ‘Adam and Eve’ experience in total privacy.

Wherever your heart takes you, our miles of trails will be sure to offer you a memorable experience. Come enjoy.

Waterfall Parent and child walking hand in hand Trail signs Hiking with group