Saturday Brew

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There have been a number of disjointed conversations over the past few weeks about this weekend's brew. To tie it together to the best of my recollection:

Rick - Dopplebock, 10g
Need: Mash Tun, Kettle

Mike - Guvnah (ESB), 10g

Me - Altbier (Alaskan Amber Clone), 5g

Ryan - TBD, 5g,
Need: Mash Tun, Kettle, Secondary

Melissa - TBD, 5g,
Need: ?

Ryan and Melissa, if you can get me ingredient lists, I can pick up the supplies this week. I think we were talking going all grain all around? Also, my guy has loads of miscellaneous equipment (used, generally) at fantastic prices. If anyone is looking to get something, I can inquire after it.

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Ryan and Melissa, if you want to double up with me or each other, we can do another batch of 10 and split it.

I found the ingredient list included with the American Amber kit. Hopefully it's enough information that can be translated easily into all grain. I'm brand new to this so help is appreciated. The kit was about $50, so hopefully grains are about that amount. I'll bring you money on Saturday!

Also let me know if your guy happens to have carboys for sale..

Thanks tons! this'll be a lot of fun.

DME = Dried Malt Extract
LME = Liquid Malt Extract

Ingredients (2.5 gallons wort; 5 gallons final beer):

3.3 lb. Amber LME
2.5 lb. Amber DME

1 lb. Caramel 80L

1.25 oz. Bittering
0.5 oz. Aroma

1 Satchet

IBUs: 29-32
ABV: 4.75-5.25%
OG: 1.050 - 1.054
FG: 1.012 - 1.015
Color: Medium Amber
Difficulty: Easy (for the kit)

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Ryan, this is the recipe I'm using, if you want to get in on it. Nice, straightforward amber.

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Hi Guys,

We've made a change to a summer fresh beer that we hope will be ready for BARE*IT arts weekend. We are doing, are you ready, wait for it....A Honey, Vanilla, Lavender, American Wheat Ale. It will either be awesome or it will be soap. We'll see.

Can't wait to see you guys then.


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Kidding, of course. You haven't failed us yet. I stopped in at the homebrew supply in Monroe yesterday and asked what was that fantastic smell. Heavy on the vanilla, for sure. Turns out he sells candles now.

Hey, looking forward to tomorrow. Now I new to sleep. Bringing my gear, and some beers to share including a doppelbock so we know how the beer I am making should taste. Perhaps that is a bad idea...

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Hi Guys,

New Brewing Session this Saturday, 03/07. Our house. Brewing some porters. If you are interested in joining, please respond and I'll get you an address.