Our Roads

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The roads at the Lake Bronson require careful and thoughtful maintenance.
After researching what the options are for our roads composition on this soil around a Lake and wetland in a stewardship rainforest, water diversion mechanisms in the form of berms or diversion ditches have been installed at various locations in the park, each of these mechanisms have been specifically located and constructed to avoid additional damage from water flow or drainage saturation, these will not be the final solution at many of these locations. Some small road modifications, water bars and additional gravel will eventually be the final solution.

The speed limit in the park is TEN MPH. it is for our safety as well as reducing the maintenance time and material cost to our roads.

Ron and Jean join a long list of people whose efforts have been instrumental in our ongoing efforts to repair and maintain the roads, please thank them for our smoother roads.

If you would like to be part of the Volunteer Solution for our roads or any other aspect of the infrastructure that keeps Lake Bronson operating, contact any committee chair person or board member for volunteer opportunities. Be part of the Solution!